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1000W Grow Light with Remote


Highly efficient and durable reflector integrated with our reliable electronic universal ballast, is compatible with double ended (DE) HPS and MH lamps,is locally dimmable and can be remotely controlled and dimmed in groups of up to 100. The fixture is offered in Horizontal or Vertical Ballast configuration in 120-240VAC.

  • Plug & Play Remote Control
    Plug & Play Remote Control
  • 3 Year Warranty
    3 Year Warranty
  • Double Ended
    Double Ended
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Product Advantages
  • MH and HPS DE Lamp Compatible
  • External/Remote Control Compatible (up to 100 lamps)
  • Dimming Range of 50-110%
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Up to 98% Reflector efficiency
  • Short/Open Circuit Protection
  • Lamp Ignition Failure Protection
  • Thermal/Over Temperature Protection
  • Lamp End Of Life (EOL) Protection
  • Covers 5’ X 5’ Area
  • 3 Year Fixture/1 Yr Lamp Warranty
  • ETL/FCC Part 18
  • Available in Horizontal and Vertical Ballast
Parameter Values
Model No GL-1000HMO-DRU1
Lamp Type 1000W DE HPS or MH
Output 138,000lm
Input Voltage 120-240VAC (+/-10%)
240-277VAC (+/-10%)
Input Current 9.08A (120V)/4.42A (240V)
Input Power 1090W/1060W
Mains Freq 50/60Hz
Operating Freq 100-120KHz
PF (Min) 0.99
THD <10%
Crest Factor <1.7
Length 24” (635mm)
Width 11” (127mm)
Height 12” (280mm)
Weight 15.3lb (7Kg)


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